Eurasian Adventure 7 – Antalya to Budapest

Antalya (LTAI/AYT) to Yerevan Zvardnots (UDYZ/EVN)


Today we’re flying JARDesigns A320.


Turns out Antalya has some beautiful scenery nearby!

Approaching Ararat

This volcano is seriously impressive to fly near – and is visible for an incredible distance!

Final Approach

Safe Parking

Album Here!

Yerevan to Istanbul Ataturk (LTBA/IST)

This flight will be done in FlyJsim’s 737-200 – mainly because I didn’t want to do another flight in a Turkish aircraft!

Foggy Take-off

Breaking Out Of Clouds


Seriously has to be the best-looking wing built in X-Plane.


Vacating Runway


Scenery is a conversion of Taxi2Gate’s Istanbul.
See more images here (and I really recommend it, they’re gorgeous!)

Istanbul to Bucharest (LROP/OTP)
Engine Start

More flights with the A320 – The more I fly, the better I get with this aircraft and the more enjoyable it becomes! Still not quite greasing my landings but I don’t bounce all over the place now!



This flight was so, so pretty. Skymaxx really knows how to make sunsets GORGEOUS!


Look at those colours…


This is Bucharest’s old international airport, now serving GA and private aviation.



This is the first night movement I’ve done on this tour – normally I fly in daylight for better screenshots (and because most sceneries lack night lighting!), but now I’m not so sure that’s true…
Album! Click me!

Bucharest to Budapest (LHBP/BUD)
Not a confusing destination pair at all…

Pretty grim day here in Bucharest – Fair crosswinds and a lot of overcast cloud. I know the livery looks the same as last flight, and that’s something I don’t normally do, but I made a lot of modifications since that last flight to make it different!


Always a good feeling to get clear of the bad weather by climbing over it!


Really pleased with how this update turned out. The changes are subtle but make a big difference! This was shot on descent into Budapest.



Quite a nice airport, but I had to do a lot of work merging two FSX sceneries together to make it look right! Sadly, this means the ground markings differ from what the objects suggest so getting lined up to park was a bit tricky!
Here’s the album.

Eurasian Adventure 6 – Doha to Antalya

Doha (OTHH/DOH) to Dubai (OMDB/DXB)
Today I’ll be trying to fly the Jetsim A330-300 and… botching it [biggrin] I’m still making these photos look like I did a decent job of it though!


This scenery is one of the rare few to have modeled gate areas, which is nice!

Engine Start

Wing View

I really love the A330’s wing…


Don’t ask what happened between here and the runway… [eek]

Ubiquitous Nose Shot

Thankfully, things settled down enough to get this shot!


Just starting to see some of the buildings along the coastline!

Dubai! (2)

This is FlyTampa’s FSX scenery converted to X-Plane, and it is AMAZING.


Pretending this went well would be a lie… Turns out the problems I’d been having through the flight were actually due to a glitch leaving a UNIVERSAL 55 knot wind… meaning even this low on approach I had a groundspeed of under 100kts… makes for a very weird landing! We got down in (just about) one piece… Probably want to get a good maintenance check done though!

Dubai (OMDB/DXB) to Bahrain (OBBI/BAH)
Time for a flight to Bahrain in FlightFactor’s B777-300ER, wearing an Emirates livery (they’re everywhere in real life, and there’s no escaping them in the sim world either!)


Engine Start


Airport Overview



Seriously, this angle is just the best. Trust me.

Planespotter’s View


Look, this view works at any stage of flight!

Runway Vacated


Full album here, as always!

Bahrain (OBBI/BAH) to Sharm El-Sheikh (HESH/SSH)


Today we’re flying in the newly-released Flight Factor A350 – and she’s gorgeous! I originally planned this with a custom-liveried 777-200ER but the release of this aircraft overtook that imediately!

Departing Bahrain

Not the prettiest of sceneries today unfortunately, this area has no payware airports and I didn’t fancy making photo texture for the ground… The A350’s bandana-ed beauty more than makes up for it in my opinion though!

Winglet – Up close and personal

Can’t help but stare at these unusual looking winglets – they’re very cool!


Such a pretty plane… really smooth flyer as well, it has the QPAC plugin driving the FBW systems, making it have some of the most advanced Airbus behaviours of any aircraft in X-Plane.


Just a bit of scenery eye candy for you. I don’t normally focus enough on the airports with these screenshots as it doesn’t tell much of the flight story sometimes, but would you like to see it more? [biggrin]


There are far more ground services for this aircraft than any other. Really makes being at the gate exciting! Album.

Sharm El-Sheikh to Antalya (LTAI/AYT)


No Title

Is this getting overused now?

Clouds Off The Coast

Got quite bumpy on our initial descent into Antalya…


…But cleared up for some fantastic views later!


Another safe touchdown! Album here.

Eurasian Adventure 5 – Larnaca to Doha

Larnaca (LICC/LCA) to Doha (OTHH/DOH)

From Larnaca, I was to set forth to Doha on what should have been the longest leg of the entire journey, at roughly a whopping (to me, anyway) 1,300mi! At the sake of full disclosure, I did suffer a system crash somewhere near Amman, due to a bad graphics driver, so I did continue the flight from there (still the longest planned leg so far, at 1,047mi direct!). However, I have no scenery for the area (other than some awful default buildings I hurriedly added to give me something to look at) and so took no photos of the takeoff. I have included it in the journey plan though, as the planned Larnaca to Doha route followed a very similar path to avoid Syria and Iraq.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way – on to some more screenshots!

Loading Cargo

Today we’re in the amazing SSG B747-8F, just released days earlier!

The 747 is one of the coolest aircraft when it comes to takeoff. Personally, I think the -8F has the best looks of any 747, too…
Climbing out (1)

…And this is why; isn’t she gorgeous?

Climbing out (2)

If you answered no previously, please consider revising that answer…

Passing Beirut

Beauty shots!

Seriously. How could you not love this aircraft?!

Cloudy Bahrain

We’ll be seeing you again soon, Bahrain. Please be sunnier!


Like crazy. Slightly forgot to set descent altitude, had to fall like crazy and now I have to deal with speed management [biggrin]

Doha City


Nice and windy today – we have a constant 11kts crosswind from the right


Doha’s new airport is pretty cool, and this scenery does it so much justice! One of the nicest I have.
Bizarrely, the 747 stops on a dime – I managed to make the first high-speed exit with only half autobrakes – it was so fast I didn’t even get chance to react and open reverse thrust!

Parked at the gate

Unloading all the precious cargo – who knows what’s in all these boxes? Maybe a few extra photos from this flight, which you can see here!

Eurasian Adventure 4 – Athens to Larnaca

Athens (LGAV/ATH) to Skiathos (LGSK/JSI)
This will be a a GA flight  using Carenado’s Mooney M20J, recently updated to V3, with X-Plane’s new GNS430 GPS system.

Overflying the sprawl of Athens

Passing Mountains

Skiathos in sight



Parked – next to a very nice business jet!

More images here

Skiathos to Mykonos (LGMK/JMK)
Next, We’ll be flying the Cirrus SR22, trying out what I now know is an excellent G1000 simulation!

Climbing out of Skiathos

Admiring Clouds

Mykonos in Sight

Overhead Join



Parked at the Gate

More pics of this flight here

Mykonos to Larnaca (LICC/LCA)
Following on from Mykonos, I quickly prepared to fly the next leg in my Jetto A320.

Preparing for Departure

Climbing Out

Money Shot

Approaching Larnaca

Final Approach

(If it looks off, it’s because it is – Glideslope/Localiser data isn’t normally part of scenery packs, and in this case the conversion from FSX was slightly south of the X-Plane data to match photoscenery – Thus, I’m slightly north of where I want to be!)


As you can see, I didn’t quite correct the error from the last image, and I’m still a little off centreline!


More pics of this flight here

Eurasian Adventure 3 – Bratislava to Athens

Bratislava (LZIB/BTS) to Belgrade (LYBE/BEG)

Today we’re flying the mighty 757 once more, in Titan Airways livery as I didn’t have anything better for the route. Let’s say they’re operating on behalf of Air Serbia!


Can’t get over how well-made this airport is.

Climbing above the clouds



Safely landed in Belgrade! See more of the flight Here.

Belgrade to Naples (LIRN/NAP)
This time we’ll be flying in an Pratt & Whitney powered 757 operated by Air Italy

At The Gate


Over Italy


Approaching beside Vesuvius is a great experience… wish I’d installed photoscenery beforehand!

A Safe Landing

As always! [biggrin] Similarly, you can view the rest of the album here.

Naples To Catania (LICC/CTA)

Parked at the Gate

Turning South

Beauty Shots

Overflying Lamezia Terme

Safely parked

Catania To Athens (LGAV/ATH)
After climbing out of the B1900D, it was time for a night’s rest before an early flight to Athens the next morning – this time in JARDesigns A320neo, with a custom Jetto livery.

Preparing for departure


A steep right turn after departing to point us towards Greece

Climbing through some gorgeous clouds…

…and watching the sun rise

Cruising over Greece


Eurasian Adventure 1 – Humberside to Tampere

So for the past few months, I’ve been enjoying flying in X-Plane as much as I can, having finally found a way to give myself a purpose: Fly to all the amazing sceneries I have in Europe! I never really flew enough to visit all of them, and so I decided doing a point to point journey around Europe and parts of the Middle East would really give me a great opportunity to do this!

The main rules for the trip are that I must depart from the same airport I arrive at for each destination, and that I can only visit each airport once – thus ensuring I see as many airports as possible! I’ve also tried to keep my routes below 1000nmi (most of the time), so I have to visit loads of places, and also to keep times short!

Anyway, here is my current routing as of the time of this post’s last update:

You can view the route in more detail (because that map is fairly chaotic) by clicking here!

As of writing this post, I’m just beyond halfway through this adventure – currently I’m in Doha, with my soon-to-be next stop being Dubai! Before that, here’s some catching up – might take a few volumes!

My journey began in Humberside (EGNJ/HUY), since I’d just made a real world flight there as part of flight training and got to taxi behind a KLM Fokker 100!

CRJ-200 From Humberside (EGNJ/HUY) to Amsterdam (EHAM/AMS)

I then made a flight in the same aircraft, from Amsterdam to Southampton (EGHI)

Southampton (EGHI) to Hamburg (EDDH)
Climbing out of Southampton: Glorious evening lighting!
Overflying Heathrow (since updated)

Following this, I made a flight from Hamburg to Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) but unfortunately didn’t take any photos!

Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) to Helsinki Vantaa (EFHK) in the FF 757-200RR.
At the Gatez3z34wT.png

Left TurnoutPLihO1w.png

I also compiled a larger albums which can be found here. I get a lot more screenshot-happy from this point onwards!

Helsinki (EFHK/HEL) to Oulu (EFOU/OUL)
This flight was made with a quick turnaround before heading back down to Vaasa (EFVA). My ride was OH-LBT; Finnair’s old livery looks great on the 757!

Overflying Helsinki

It seems I’ve developed a habit of choosing SIDs that take me back over the departure airport – and they make for some nice views!

Approaching Oulu

For this landing I made sure I practiced using the ILS and autoland – Thankfully, everything worked perfectly and the aircraft performed a perfect autolanding!

Quick Turnaround

Oulu (EFOU/OUL) to Vaasa (EFVA/VAA)
Climbing (and then descending again)

The trip to Vaasa was so short that almost as soon as I hit the t/c point, I had to start descending again! A shame, as I had barely any time to enjoy Finland’s glorious coastline.

Finals for Vaasa

Performed a manual landing this time – might as well make the most of each!


I may have drifted a tiny bit further past the touchdown point than this, but nothing too problematic!
As usual from now on, there’s a few extra shots if you click here!

Vaasa to Tampere (EFTP/TMP)
The next trip I made after I last posted was down to Tampere in a Flybe Q400, which was a very short flight I almost entirely forgot to screenshot, apart from this one, taken as I was climbing away from Vaasa.

Anyway, that’s all for Volume 1 – I’ll be coming up with these pretty quickly while we catch up, so watch this space! Also to look forward to is a livery catch-up; I’ve been busy!

As always, fly safe!

PPL Skills Test and CTC/Virgin MPL!

So a few weeks ago I finally finished the second half of my PPL Skills Test – my final checkride, making me (technically) a fully-fledged pilot! Now I just have to wait for the CAA to check my paperwork so they can send me my license!

I did my test in two flights, the latter being the navigation section (normally done alongside the general handling section, but weather was poor last time so we rescheduled the second part), and while the weather was still far from perfect, I managed to get everything done surprisingly accurately! Despite being blown around by 30kt winds, I managed to get my first planned leg of the journey (to Skegness) quite close, but the unplanned diversion I was given (to an airfield north of Nottingham) somehow worked out so nicely that I stayed precisely on track! We never finished the leg because the wind left us travelling with a groundspeed below 60 knots (way too slow to get anywhere), but considering I was so accurate my examiner believed I was more than capable!

Unusually, we didn’t do any work with VORs or simulated IMC conditions, but I’m very confident with those two things anyway (thanks to X-Plane!) so I’m sure I would have passed that section easily.

In other news, I have also applied for CTC Wings’ MPL programme with Virgin Atlantic, and have got through to the assessment/interview stage! I wasn’t planning on applying so soon, however Flying A330s for Virgin Atlantic was too good an opportunity to miss! I’ll report back after Thursday 4th describing how the process went – it’ll involve a nice list of firsts for myself!

Thanks for reading, and fly safe!

OBBI Updates and Solo Navigation #2!

First up, Bahrain is now updated to V2, with new static aircraft and a few other updates! Check it out here!



I also completed my second solo navigation today! Here are some pics, mostly taken while cruising over the river Trent.
The route: 

Departing from Netherthorpe, the eastern point on my route, then heading south to Newark before following the Trent North to Gainsborough, then back to Netherthorpe. Most of these images are taken on the second leg.

Looking directly towards Gainsborough here.

Some small showers around, lots of weaving around them since the aircraft doesn’t have wipers!

Just an interesting bit of the Trent I passed over.

A seemingly tiny boat on the Trent. Everything looks minuscule, even at only 2000ft!

Passing the first of the West Burton Power Stations…

…and the second!

I never made it all the way to be directly overhead Gainsborough, thanks to this big storm that was hovering around and kicking up a lot of turbulence.

Finally, passing just north of Retford. After this I was too busy switching from Doncaster to Netherthorpe and sorting out my approach so I didn’t take any more pics sadly!

Website Updates (again!)

Hi guys! Lots of little tweaks have been going on around here lately – and I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while! Here’s what’s been happening:
Firstly, you may notice we now have a proper domain name! That’s right, I forked out the £15/mo to get it all sorted! It also means we now have a proper email address for the site at – So if you have anything you want to say, please sends us a message over there or comment on a post!

Along with being able to contact me via that email, there are also a few other methods over at the Find Me! page – why not check it out?

One of those methods is twitter, and you’ll see I have fixed the twitter widget along the right-hand side of this site. I’ll also make an effort to tweet more often as it is a lot faster than writing a blog post!

Since this has been a rather bland post so far, here’s a picture of the Flightfactor Boeing 757-200 for X-Plane departing Heathrow to finish! I absoloutely love this aircraft, and perhaps one day I’ll find the will to do a visual review of it and the JARDesign A320NEO.

Keep flying!Jiggyb2

Models, Airlinesim and all sorts update!

I know, I’ve been gone a few months, sadly schoolwork has got the better of me recently and I’ve had very little time! I do have a few plans for later, including detailed model reviews, the return of the AirlineSim report, X-Plane business, and plenty more!

First off though, here’s some stuff that I’ve been getting up to recently.

Since August, I’ve acquired a rather large number of new models since I last posted. Here they all are!

Aeroflot – Airbus A319 – Phoenix



Aeroflot – MD11F – Gemini



Aeromexico – B763 – Gemini



ANA – B788 – JC Wings



Austrian – Bombardier Q400 – Gemini



OpenSkies – B752 – Gemini



British Airways – B788 – Gemini



British Airways – Hawker-Siddely Trident – Gemini



British Caledonian – BAC 1-11 – Gemini



Jetstar – B788 – Gemini



Eurowings – BAe146 – Gemini



Lufthansa – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



Malev (OneWorld) – B738 – Phoenix



Qatar – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



Swiss – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



USAF – B752 – Gemini



Wizz (Hungary) – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



Along with all of these new models, I re-photographed all aircraft in my collection so I had more uniform, higher-quality shots. The full album of these can be seen here:


Secondly, I have also continued to play AirlineSim for a while now, and Bahrain World International has continued to do extremely well, with a fleet of 9 aircraft, 19 destinations served, and weekly profits above $500,000. I will be writing a full report soon.

Also on its way is a quick review of the JARDesign A320NEO for X-Plane, as well as model reviews and possibly more long posts on past aircraft that never quite made it!

See you soon, and safe flying!