Jetto Airlines


General Info:

Name: Jetto Airlines UK ltd.
Code: JTO
Hub(s): London Heathrow

Jetto Airlines is the oldest airline within the Jetto group, having begun operations in 1976. It functions as the driving force for the entire Jetto group, connecting all individual airlines and guiding them to maximise global coverage.

With the completion of Heathrow Terminal 2, Jetto Airlines claimed full usage of a refurbished Terminal 1, though it maintains access to Terminal 2 for some long-haul flights. It is expected that Jetto will move into an extended Terminal 2 once construction is completed. Elsewhere, Jetto maintains a significant prescence at Jetto Island, the headquarters of Jetto Industries, where it operates several routes to destinations in the UK.

Jetto Airlines also has a wholly owned and operated subsidiary, Jetto Regional, which operates lower-demand routes across the UK with a fleet primarily consisting of Embraer E-Jets.


As Jetto Airlines:

Aircraft Type In Service Notes
Airbus A319 8
Airbus A320 14 (IAE)
8 (CFM)
10 IAE equipped with Sharklets
1 aircraft (CFM) in retro livery
Airbus A320neo 5 10 on order, replacing older models
Airbus A321 42 28 equipped with Sharklets
Airbus A321neo 4 20 on order, replacing older models
Airbus A330-200 7 To be transferred to Jetto Americas,
Replaced with A350
Airbus A350-900 20 12 on order. Replacing A330
Airbus A380-800 6

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