Doncaster/Sheffield – EGCN

OUTDATED – Page for Archival use only

This is a converted and heavily edited MSFS scenery, originally by John Young (the original can be found at http://library.avsim…atID=fs2004scen). I am aware that ‘sigoo’ did a version of this some time ago, but I felt that I would make my own version with X-plane 10’s global illuminations used, however since I was unable to contact him, sigoo’s work could only inspire me.

DSA is also the nearest international airport to me, and can be used in conjunction with my Netherthorpe scenery; the ‘approach’ frequency (126.22) is also used when flying around Sheffield and the surrounding area in reality (although do what the v10 ATC asks you if you are using that). It has also had B747-400s and the An-225 fly into it, along with being the home of the last flying Vulcan bomber, so you can pretty much land anything at EGCN.
I’ve completely re-done textures to make them crisper and also better under the new illumination, and also added some OpensceneryX objects (make sure your copy is up to date!).
See wikipedia for more info!

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