Eurasian Adventure 6 – Doha to Antalya

Doha (OTHH/DOH) to Dubai (OMDB/DXB)
Today I’ll be trying to fly the Jetsim A330-300 and… botching it [biggrin] I’m still making these photos look like I did a decent job of it though!


This scenery is one of the rare few to have modeled gate areas, which is nice!

Engine Start

Wing View

I really love the A330’s wing…


Don’t ask what happened between here and the runway… [eek]

Ubiquitous Nose Shot

Thankfully, things settled down enough to get this shot!


Just starting to see some of the buildings along the coastline!

Dubai! (2)

This is FlyTampa’s FSX scenery converted to X-Plane, and it is AMAZING.


Pretending this went well would be a lie… Turns out the problems I’d been having through the flight were actually due to a glitch leaving a UNIVERSAL 55 knot wind… meaning even this low on approach I had a groundspeed of under 100kts… makes for a very weird landing! We got down in (just about) one piece… Probably want to get a good maintenance check done though!

Dubai (OMDB/DXB) to Bahrain (OBBI/BAH)
Time for a flight to Bahrain in FlightFactor’s B777-300ER, wearing an Emirates livery (they’re everywhere in real life, and there’s no escaping them in the sim world either!)


Engine Start


Airport Overview



Seriously, this angle is just the best. Trust me.

Planespotter’s View


Look, this view works at any stage of flight!

Runway Vacated


Full album here, as always!

Bahrain (OBBI/BAH) to Sharm El-Sheikh (HESH/SSH)


Today we’re flying in the newly-released Flight Factor A350 – and she’s gorgeous! I originally planned this with a custom-liveried 777-200ER but the release of this aircraft overtook that imediately!

Departing Bahrain

Not the prettiest of sceneries today unfortunately, this area has no payware airports and I didn’t fancy making photo texture for the ground… The A350’s bandana-ed beauty more than makes up for it in my opinion though!

Winglet – Up close and personal

Can’t help but stare at these unusual looking winglets – they’re very cool!


Such a pretty plane… really smooth flyer as well, it has the QPAC plugin driving the FBW systems, making it have some of the most advanced Airbus behaviours of any aircraft in X-Plane.


Just a bit of scenery eye candy for you. I don’t normally focus enough on the airports with these screenshots as it doesn’t tell much of the flight story sometimes, but would you like to see it more? [biggrin]


There are far more ground services for this aircraft than any other. Really makes being at the gate exciting! Album.

Sharm El-Sheikh to Antalya (LTAI/AYT)


No Title

Is this getting overused now?

Clouds Off The Coast

Got quite bumpy on our initial descent into Antalya…


…But cleared up for some fantastic views later!


Another safe touchdown! Album here.

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