Italiana & Sardiniair


General Info:

Code: ITL
Hub(s): Rome-Fiumicino
Subsidiaries: Sardiniair (See below)

Italiana is the Flag Carrier of Italy, a role it took over from predecessor Alitalia. It is a relatively new airline, having been formed when the Jetto Group took over most assets of Alitalia as it crumbled during 2013. To this end, the fleet is still very similar to the real-world Alitalia’s current state. During this takeover, it was decided to modify the existing branding of Jetto group carrier Sardiniair into the mainline Italiana branding, and to then operate the older airline as a subsidiary.

Since formation, Italiana has proven far more successful than its predecessor, heavily benefiting from the close ties to the rest of the Jetto Group network. Current expansion is primarily on short-haul sectors, however it is expected that the airline will soon decide on a replacement for its 777s and A330s to enable future long-haul growth.

Italiana Fleet:

Aircraft Type In Service Notes
Airbus A319 22
Airbus A320 42 16 with Sharklets
Airbus A321 12 4 with Sharklets
Airbus A330-200 14
Boeing 777-200ER 12


General Info:

Code: SDQ
Hub(s): Cagliari-Elmas

In addition to the mainline fleet, SardiniAir is a subsidiary (initially a separate airline) operating out of Cagliari, Sardinia, Serving European and domestic destinations. The airline has a greater focus on the tourism market.

Sardiniair is actually older than Italiana, having been set up in 1996 to serve as a local “flag carrier” and LCC to increase tourism to Sardinia, as well as to provide connections to other mediterranean destinations for locals. With the collapse of Alitalia, it was decided to modify the existing brand, and incorporate Sardiniair as a subsidiary of the much larger airline created from Jetto’s purchase of most of the former airline’s assets.

Due to this arrangement, Sardiniair maintains a relatively high level of autonomy from its parent carrier, although they maintain similar fleets and branding to help reduce costs. One noticeable difference between the airlines is the choice of IAE engines on Sardiniair’s Airbus fleet while the main Italiana fleet uses CFM – a result of the two carriers differing histories, as Sardiniair’s aircraft are generally newer.

Sardiniair Fleet:

Aircraft Type In Service Notes
Airbus A319 3
Airbus A320 6 2 with Sharklets


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