Netherthorpe – EGNF

OUTDATED – Page for archival use only

This scenery is for Netherthorpe Airfield, A small GA airfield to the SE of Sheffield, UK. It is home to multiple Flying schools such as the Sheffield Aero club (who also run the airfield), and Phoenix flying school. Netherthorpe also hosts the shortest runway in the UK (18/36), at 382m, while runway 24/06 is 553m long, meaning that there is quite a challenge to land here! This is made even harder IRL by the fact that you are not allowed to overfly the roads surrounding the airport at an altitude of less than 20ft!
Unfortunately 100% of the objects for this airport are currently from opensceneryX (I have no 3d modelling experience), but I have attempted to select buildings that reflect those at the real Netherthorpe as closely as possible.
Known issues are mostly unrealistic buildings and very large markings (although I prefer these; in future I may make a big and small markings option)
If you want to use this scenery closer to real life OPS, then the read-me and map provide more detailed info.
The real world aircrafts G-BZHE and G-BHNA, which I have created liveries of, are also located at this airfield.

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