Bahrain World International

General Info:

Name: Bahrain World International
Code: BWI
Hub(s): Bahrain

Bahrain World International is the fictional flag-carrying airline of Bahrain, replacing and expanding upon the real-world Gulf Air.

Within the Jetto Group, it serves an important role in Europe-Asia flights, serving many destinations in East Asia which would not have sufficient demand for direct flights from Europe. It also serves many Australasian destinations which are too distant to be directly accessible from Europe.

The Airline uses an extremely modern fleet, with the Boeing 787 series providing the majority of services operated by the airline, primarily medium- and long-haul. It is one of the largest operators of the type in the world, with 37 aircraft in total.


Aircraft Type In Service Notes
Airbus A320 14 8 equipped with Sharklets
Airbus A321 20 16 equipped with Sharklets
Airbus A321neo 8 10 on order
Boeing 787-8 12
Boeing 787-9 15
Boeing 787-10 10
Boeing 777-300ER 8


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