Eurasian Adventure 4 – Athens to Larnaca

Athens (LGAV/ATH) to Skiathos (LGSK/JSI)
This will be a a GA flight  using Carenado’s Mooney M20J, recently updated to V3, with X-Plane’s new GNS430 GPS system.

Overflying the sprawl of Athens

Passing Mountains

Skiathos in sight



Parked – next to a very nice business jet!

More images here

Skiathos to Mykonos (LGMK/JMK)
Next, We’ll be flying the Cirrus SR22, trying out what I now know is an excellent G1000 simulation!

Climbing out of Skiathos

Admiring Clouds

Mykonos in Sight

Overhead Join



Parked at the Gate

More pics of this flight here

Mykonos to Larnaca (LICC/LCA)
Following on from Mykonos, I quickly prepared to fly the next leg in my Jetto A320.

Preparing for Departure

Climbing Out

Money Shot

Approaching Larnaca

Final Approach

(If it looks off, it’s because it is – Glideslope/Localiser data isn’t normally part of scenery packs, and in this case the conversion from FSX was slightly south of the X-Plane data to match photoscenery – Thus, I’m slightly north of where I want to be!)


As you can see, I didn’t quite correct the error from the last image, and I’m still a little off centreline!


More pics of this flight here

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