OBBI Updates and Solo Navigation #2!

First up, Bahrain is now updated to V2, with new static aircraft and a few other updates! Check it out here!



I also completed my second solo navigation today! Here are some pics, mostly taken while cruising over the river Trent.
The route: 

Departing from Netherthorpe, the eastern point on my route, then heading south to Newark before following the Trent North to Gainsborough, then back to Netherthorpe. Most of these images are taken on the second leg.

Looking directly towards Gainsborough here.

Some small showers around, lots of weaving around them since the aircraft doesn’t have wipers!

Just an interesting bit of the Trent I passed over.

A seemingly tiny boat on the Trent. Everything looks minuscule, even at only 2000ft!

Passing the first of the West Burton Power Stations…

…and the second!

I never made it all the way to be directly overhead Gainsborough, thanks to this big storm that was hovering around and kicking up a lot of turbulence.

Finally, passing just north of Retford. After this I was too busy switching from Doncaster to Netherthorpe and sorting out my approach so I didn’t take any more pics sadly!

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