Jetto Project

I’ve always liked creating original liveries to stretch my creativity, and have come up with an entire background to my fictional design universe, creating a diverse, realistic parallel world in which these airlines can exist.  In this section, you can find information on all the different fictional airlines I have created. Together, they form the “Jetto Group”.

Airlines of the Jetto Group:

The world of Jetto

The world of Jetto has been significantly shaped by the conglomerate “Jetto Industries”, one of the largest businesses on the planet involved in a diverse set of industries. This is the controlling force behind the Jetto Alliance, and the airlines under it’s umbrella allow it to maintain it’s global reach. Jetto Industries has made its global headquarters on Jetto Island, known in the real world as Isla Guadalupe. This island has grown into a city-state in its own right, entirely functioning to serve Jetto Industries. Because of this, the island has become an important terminating hub for many flights, particularly those of Jetto Group.

The entire Jetto Group network spans every continent on earth except Antarctica, and includes a diverse selection of destinations. The full connecting route map can be viewed here.