Eurasian Adventure 7 – Antalya to Budapest

Antalya (LTAI/AYT) to Yerevan Zvardnots (UDYZ/EVN)


Today we’re flying JARDesigns A320.


Turns out Antalya has some beautiful scenery nearby!

Approaching Ararat

This volcano is seriously impressive to fly near – and is visible for an incredible distance!

Final Approach

Safe Parking

Album Here!

Yerevan to Istanbul Ataturk (LTBA/IST)

This flight will be done in FlyJsim’s 737-200 – mainly because I didn’t want to do another flight in a Turkish aircraft!

Foggy Take-off

Breaking Out Of Clouds


Seriously has to be the best-looking wing built in X-Plane.


Vacating Runway


Scenery is a conversion of Taxi2Gate’s Istanbul.
See more images here (and I really recommend it, they’re gorgeous!)

Istanbul to Bucharest (LROP/OTP)
Engine Start

More flights with the A320 – The more I fly, the better I get with this aircraft and the more enjoyable it becomes! Still not quite greasing my landings but I don’t bounce all over the place now!



This flight was so, so pretty. Skymaxx really knows how to make sunsets GORGEOUS!


Look at those colours…


This is Bucharest’s old international airport, now serving GA and private aviation.



This is the first night movement I’ve done on this tour – normally I fly in daylight for better screenshots (and because most sceneries lack night lighting!), but now I’m not so sure that’s true…
Album! Click me!

Bucharest to Budapest (LHBP/BUD)
Not a confusing destination pair at all…

Pretty grim day here in Bucharest – Fair crosswinds and a lot of overcast cloud. I know the livery looks the same as last flight, and that’s something I don’t normally do, but I made a lot of modifications since that last flight to make it different!


Always a good feeling to get clear of the bad weather by climbing over it!


Really pleased with how this update turned out. The changes are subtle but make a big difference! This was shot on descent into Budapest.



Quite a nice airport, but I had to do a lot of work merging two FSX sceneries together to make it look right! Sadly, this means the ground markings differ from what the objects suggest so getting lined up to park was a bit tricky!
Here’s the album.

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