Eurasian Adventure 5 – Larnaca to Doha

Larnaca (LICC/LCA) to Doha (OTHH/DOH)

From Larnaca, I was to set forth to Doha on what should have been the longest leg of the entire journey, at roughly a whopping (to me, anyway) 1,300mi! At the sake of full disclosure, I did suffer a system crash somewhere near Amman, due to a bad graphics driver, so I did continue the flight from there (still the longest planned leg so far, at 1,047mi direct!). However, I have no scenery for the area (other than some awful default buildings I hurriedly added to give me something to look at) and so took no photos of the takeoff. I have included it in the journey plan though, as the planned Larnaca to Doha route followed a very similar path to avoid Syria and Iraq.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way – on to some more screenshots!

Loading Cargo

Today we’re in the amazing SSG B747-8F, just released days earlier!

The 747 is one of the coolest aircraft when it comes to takeoff. Personally, I think the -8F has the best looks of any 747, too…
Climbing out (1)

…And this is why; isn’t she gorgeous?

Climbing out (2)

If you answered no previously, please consider revising that answer…

Passing Beirut

Beauty shots!

Seriously. How could you not love this aircraft?!

Cloudy Bahrain

We’ll be seeing you again soon, Bahrain. Please be sunnier!


Like crazy. Slightly forgot to set descent altitude, had to fall like crazy and now I have to deal with speed management [biggrin]

Doha City


Nice and windy today – we have a constant 11kts crosswind from the right


Doha’s new airport is pretty cool, and this scenery does it so much justice! One of the nicest I have.
Bizarrely, the 747 stops on a dime – I managed to make the first high-speed exit with only half autobrakes – it was so fast I didn’t even get chance to react and open reverse thrust!

Parked at the gate

Unloading all the precious cargo – who knows what’s in all these boxes?¬†Maybe a few extra photos from this flight, which you can see here!

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