My Latest Scale Arrivals

More shiny new models arrived yesterday!

But first, some news! Firstly, Exams and school are now over for 10(!) weeks, so expect to see lots of content soon, hopefully I’ll be getting a new computer in the next 2 weeks but no promises sadly.
More immediately, Jetto Designs now has a twitter account! Go follow us by clicking here and get updates when new downloads, blog posts and whatever else I come up with appear! I’ll also try adding a twitter feed widget to the homepage.

Anyway, shiny things!

Concorde – British Airways

I had to get it, its Concorde! Doesn’t entirely fit in the right era with the rest of my models so I recently bought a Tu-144 to accompany it as a museum piece!

Boeing B757-200 – British Airways

Another BA classic I had to have. BA only stopped flying the B752 a few years back so I’m going to consider it close enough to fit nicely; if not, of to my aforementioned ‘museum’ with my Concorde and TU144 it can go, along with the CO B753 since that is in the same position.

Airbus A320 – Lufthansa

Airbus A321 – EgyptAir

The last two models are both very nice, I’m most pleased about getting a relevant, fitting A321 finally as I love that plane, but the LH A320 looks nice too. Does have  very strong tendency to fall backwards though.

All in all I’m very pleased with these, Aviation Delight’s store (Where I got the BA models) was most excellent in value and service. Next up on order are an Air Berlin B738 and an Aeroflot Tu144, but they’re being held back to save on postage for a bit.

As always, thanks for reading!

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