Eurasian Adventure 9 – Marseille to Toulouse

The penultimate post of my adventure! I’ve nearly made it home to the UK…

Marseille (LFML/MRS) to Barcelona (LEBL/BCN)

Aircraft: FlightFactor B757-300
Scenery: Jetstream Designs (Converted) / Aerosoft (Converted)

Testing out the (then newly-released) 757-300, and also my first flight with TrackIR!

Preparing for departure






Barcelona to Valencia (LEVC/VLC)

Aircraft: Carenado PC-12
Scenery: Aerosoft (Converted) / DAI-Media

Buzz Off

Dead Airport



Valencia to San Sebastian (LESO/EAS)

Aircraft: JARDesigns A320neo
Scenery: DAI-Media / FSX Freeware (Converted)






San Sebastian to Toulouse (LFBO/TLS)

Aircraft: JARDesigns A320neo
Scenery: FSX Freeware (Converted) / Aerosoft







Next time… The finale! Delivering a brand-new, very special Airbus!

Eurasian Adventure 2 – Tampere to Bratislava

Tampere (EFTP/TMP) to Riga (EVRA/RIX)
From Tampere, I jumped in an airBaltic 757-200 for a trip down to Riga, Latvia (I would have gone to Talinn first, if I’d known Drzewiecki Designs had released a great new version just hours earlier).

Climbing out over some of the many Finnish lakes in the region.

Approaching Riga

Touchdown – spot on!

This was actually a (relatively..) smooth landing for me [biggrin] For some reason the 757 loves to flex its wings like crazy at the slightest bump – must be those heavy winglets!

Taxiing to the Stand

Full album here.

Riga to Krakow (EPKK/KRK)

Parked at the gate

I already love this livery…

Cruising over Poland.

In fact, I spent most of the flight just looking at every detail of this aircraft – it has fast become my favourite!

Final Approach

Just passing over the motorway at the end of Krakow’s runway.



Full album here, as always.

Krakow to Prague (LKPR/PRG)

Trying something different here and going with some GA – Carenado’s very well made Beechcraft Super King Air! I don’t really like the aircraft having flown it unfortunately (though I do like its bigger brother, the B1900D)

Taxiing out from EPKK

En-Route to Prague

Prague to Munich (EDDM/MUC)

Parked at the Gate

None of the different pushback truck sizes I have available fit this plane [frown]


Skymaxx v2 really does improve clouds tremendously!

Approaching Munich

You can just see the airport between the clouds!

Another safe touchdown!

Full album of this flight is found here.

Munich to Vienna (LOWW/VIE)
I decided at this point I had to start using my absolute favorite aircraft in X-Plane a bit – the JARDesigns A320neo!

Engine Start on a Cloudy Day


Thankfully, the weather cleared as I climbed away from Munich!


This perspective is one of my favourite, I think it’s perfect for making any aircraft look brilliant!


Full album of this flight here!

Vienna to Bratislava (LZIB/BTS)
Finally, a quick flight in the lovely Cessna CT206H by Carenado to Bratislava, where I’ll end this post.

Parked in Vienna

I don’t really think Vienna’s main airport is very accepting of tiny Cessnas really, but this is a sim so I can do what I want!

Joining the Approach

Flying very close to the airport before turning 90 degrees to final; the little Cessna is so small that even a few nm seems like hundreds at approach speed though!

OK, I’ll admit this picture isn’t from the same flight, but I just HAD to show off the scenery at Bratislava! This is made by Taxi2gate for FSX, and converted over privately for myself, with a load of statics added for good measure!

That’s all for now – but remember to keep track of my adventure here!

Oh, and of course – Fly safe!

RELEASED – British Airways Multipack – B737-200 (FlyJSim)

Finally found time to make something for you guys, for FlyJSim’s brand new (and amazing) 737-200!

This is a pair of British Airways Union flag liveries – One operated by Comair in South Africa (ZS-OLA), and the other as a BA mainline 737 (G-BKYE) in (somewhat) fictional Union Flag colours for those who like to fly in the UK like myself.

Though the registrations differ, the fictional livery actually represents the same aircraft earlier in its lifespan, as it was sold to Comair by BA, though it was phased out too early to have worn the British Union flag livery.

More info on BA

More info on Comair

The aircraft – or Org Store

Visit to view my other creations.

Thanks for downloading! Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.




Development update – OTHH – Hamad International Airport

Just a quick post to show I’m still working on things! Right now, those things are Hamad International Airport, the huge new airport currently being finished in Qatar. This is a conversion of Chris B.’s excellent FSX scenery, with some modifications to bring it up to scratch with X-Plane – in a somewhat similar vein to my Doncaster/Sheffield scenery from years ago.

First up, I created some Qatar static aircraft very quickly, with the help of beber’s static aircraft from XPFR. These make great additions though I wish there was a B777 and an A330! Obviously some are fictional combinations but these may still have a use.

Here are some shots of some of the area as it stands right now. Note the over-abundance of static aircraft; this is merely to ensure that parking positions for aircraft are correct.

Cargo terminal:

What I can only assume is the Royal Terminal:

There’s still lots of work still to be done of course, but so far I’m really liking how this is going!

Safe flying!

OBBI – Bahrain International Airport – Released!


This scenery is of Bahrain International Airport (OBBI). It is the only commercial airport in Bahrain and is a hub for Gulf Air. It is intended to be the first in a series of Middle Eastern sceneries, as the area is extremely poorly covered in X-Plane as I see it.

This was constructed using various library elements and because of this will not look identical to the real airport. However, object placement is very accurate to the real airport as it has been done using charts and satellite imagery.

One issue I did run into is that there are no static aircraft in libraries in the Gulf Air livery – if anyone could find one I would be more than grateful! Same goes for Qatar Airways, which will be needed in another project I’m working on.

More info on OBBI –

Charts for OBBI –


Thanks for downloading! Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.


My Newest Model Arrivals!

Here are my latest arrivals, sorry for the late (and rather poor-quality) images!
I’m just biding time since my new computer should arrive in under 3 hours!
Air Berlin B737-800
I’ve been wanting this for a while, and I’m very glad I got it; AB have a brilliant livery in my opinion!

Air France CRJ700
Another model I’ve wanted for a while, though the only criteria were that it had to be a European CRJ of some sort. This one is lovely, shame it doesn’t have much time left as a combination, all AF’s regional aircraft are being painted in the Hop! colours.

Cubana IL-96
I really like the IL-96, and in Cubana’s livery it looks brilliant! This model is better than I expected too, with the antenna above the cockpit included.

Aeroflot TU-144
A cool, quirky copy of the Concorde here. The weird aspects of this were modeled quite well, and it is interesting to compare the two side-by-side; This aircraft is noticeably bigger! Not fitting with the theme of my collection, which requires aircraft that would feasibly fly to the UK which have flown within the last 10 years, but it is a nice “museum piece”!

Polish Air Force TU-154
It was only after I got this model that I realised it is the sister-ship to the one that killed the polish president several years. Quite sad, but as far as I know this is still a real plane and fits into my collection as it could be bringing Polish politicians to the UK.

My Latest Scale Arrivals

More shiny new models arrived yesterday!

But first, some news! Firstly, Exams and school are now over for 10(!) weeks, so expect to see lots of content soon, hopefully I’ll be getting a new computer in the next 2 weeks but no promises sadly.
More immediately, Jetto Designs now has a twitter account! Go follow us by clicking here and get updates when new downloads, blog posts and whatever else I come up with appear! I’ll also try adding a twitter feed widget to the homepage.

Anyway, shiny things!

Concorde – British Airways

I had to get it, its Concorde! Doesn’t entirely fit in the right era with the rest of my models so I recently bought a Tu-144 to accompany it as a museum piece!

Boeing B757-200 – British Airways

Another BA classic I had to have. BA only stopped flying the B752 a few years back so I’m going to consider it close enough to fit nicely; if not, of to my aforementioned ‘museum’ with my Concorde and TU144 it can go, along with the CO B753 since that is in the same position.

Airbus A320 – Lufthansa

Airbus A321 – EgyptAir

The last two models are both very nice, I’m most pleased about getting a relevant, fitting A321 finally as I love that plane, but the LH A320 looks nice too. Does have  very strong tendency to fall backwards though.

All in all I’m very pleased with these, Aviation Delight’s store (Where I got the BA models) was most excellent in value and service. Next up on order are an Air Berlin B738 and an Aeroflot Tu144, but they’re being held back to save on postage for a bit.

As always, thanks for reading!