Eurasian Adventure 1 – Humberside to Tampere

So for the past few months, I’ve been enjoying flying in X-Plane as much as I can, having finally found a way to give myself a purpose: Fly to all the amazing sceneries I have in Europe! I never really flew enough to visit all of them, and so I decided doing a point to point journey around Europe and parts of the Middle East would really give me a great opportunity to do this!

The main rules for the trip are that I must depart from the same airport I arrive at for each destination, and that I can only visit each airport once – thus ensuring I see as many airports as possible! I’ve also tried to keep my routes below 1000nmi (most of the time), so I have to visit loads of places, and also to keep times short!

Anyway, here is my current routing as of the time of this post’s last update:

You can view the route in more detail (because that map is fairly chaotic) by clicking here!

As of writing this post, I’m just beyond halfway through this adventure – currently I’m in Doha, with my soon-to-be next stop being Dubai! Before that, here’s some catching up – might take a few volumes!

My journey began in Humberside (EGNJ/HUY), since I’d just made a real world flight there as part of flight training and got to taxi behind a KLM Fokker 100!

CRJ-200 From Humberside (EGNJ/HUY) to Amsterdam (EHAM/AMS)

I then made a flight in the same aircraft, from Amsterdam to Southampton (EGHI)

Southampton (EGHI) to Hamburg (EDDH)
Climbing out of Southampton: Glorious evening lighting!
Overflying Heathrow (since updated)

Following this, I made a flight from Hamburg to Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) but unfortunately didn’t take any photos!

Berlin Brandenburg (EDDB) to Helsinki Vantaa (EFHK) in the FF 757-200RR.
At the Gatez3z34wT.png

Left TurnoutPLihO1w.png

I also compiled a larger albums which can be found here. I get a lot more screenshot-happy from this point onwards!

Helsinki (EFHK/HEL) to Oulu (EFOU/OUL)
This flight was made with a quick turnaround before heading back down to Vaasa (EFVA). My ride was OH-LBT; Finnair’s old livery looks great on the 757!

Overflying Helsinki

It seems I’ve developed a habit of choosing SIDs that take me back over the departure airport – and they make for some nice views!

Approaching Oulu

For this landing I made sure I practiced using the ILS and autoland – Thankfully, everything worked perfectly and the aircraft performed a perfect autolanding!

Quick Turnaround

Oulu (EFOU/OUL) to Vaasa (EFVA/VAA)
Climbing (and then descending again)

The trip to Vaasa was so short that almost as soon as I hit the t/c point, I had to start descending again! A shame, as I had barely any time to enjoy Finland’s glorious coastline.

Finals for Vaasa

Performed a manual landing this time – might as well make the most of each!


I may have drifted a tiny bit further past the touchdown point than this, but nothing too problematic!
As usual from now on, there’s a few extra shots if you click here!

Vaasa to Tampere (EFTP/TMP)
The next trip I made after I last posted was down to Tampere in a Flybe Q400, which was a very short flight I almost entirely forgot to screenshot, apart from this one, taken as I was climbing away from Vaasa.

Anyway, that’s all for Volume 1 – I’ll be coming up with these pretty quickly while we catch up, so watch this space! Also to look forward to is a livery catch-up; I’ve been busy!

As always, fly safe!

My Latest Scale Arrivals

More shiny new models arrived yesterday!

But first, some news! Firstly, Exams and school are now over for 10(!) weeks, so expect to see lots of content soon, hopefully I’ll be getting a new computer in the next 2 weeks but no promises sadly.
More immediately, Jetto Designs now has a twitter account! Go follow us by clicking here and get updates when new downloads, blog posts and whatever else I come up with appear! I’ll also try adding a twitter feed widget to the homepage.

Anyway, shiny things!

Concorde – British Airways

I had to get it, its Concorde! Doesn’t entirely fit in the right era with the rest of my models so I recently bought a Tu-144 to accompany it as a museum piece!

Boeing B757-200 – British Airways

Another BA classic I had to have. BA only stopped flying the B752 a few years back so I’m going to consider it close enough to fit nicely; if not, of to my aforementioned ‘museum’ with my Concorde and TU144 it can go, along with the CO B753 since that is in the same position.

Airbus A320 – Lufthansa

Airbus A321 – EgyptAir

The last two models are both very nice, I’m most pleased about getting a relevant, fitting A321 finally as I love that plane, but the LH A320 looks nice too. Does have  very strong tendency to fall backwards though.

All in all I’m very pleased with these, Aviation Delight’s store (Where I got the BA models) was most excellent in value and service. Next up on order are an Air Berlin B738 and an Aeroflot Tu144, but they’re being held back to save on postage for a bit.

As always, thanks for reading!

Some Arrivals from a while ago…

I may have slightly forgotten to mention these. Added here for prosperity.

Thomson Airways B737-800
This came slightly damaged so I got a refund but was allowed to keep the model. Still very nice!

Airbus A320 – Virgin Atlantic (Little Red)

Boeing B737-700 – SAS

(Sorry this came out a little weird, the tail is the same colour as my curtain!)

Boeing B737-900 – Turkish Airlines

Embraer E170 – British Airways

These are all nice models this time around! I like the winglets on the two 737s and they do a lot to add to the diversity of the liveries in my collection. I never thought about how tiny the E170 is though, it is the smallest thing in my collection by far! No less detailed though, which is great, though the cockpit windows look odd to me.
The Virgin A320 is a great model but the box was weird. Oh well, those things stay in my cupboard so it doesn’t matter so much!

More models coming eventually!

As always, thanks for reading!