Some Arrivals from a while ago…

I may have slightly forgotten to mention these. Added here for prosperity.

Thomson Airways B737-800
This came slightly damaged so I got a refund but was allowed to keep the model. Still very nice!

Airbus A320 – Virgin Atlantic (Little Red)

Boeing B737-700 – SAS

(Sorry this came out a little weird, the tail is the same colour as my curtain!)

Boeing B737-900 – Turkish Airlines

Embraer E170 – British Airways

These are all nice models this time around! I like the winglets on the two 737s and they do a lot to add to the diversity of the liveries in my collection. I never thought about how tiny the E170 is though, it is the smallest thing in my collection by far! No less detailed though, which is great, though the cockpit windows look odd to me.
The Virgin A320 is a great model but the box was weird. Oh well, those things stay in my cupboard so it doesn’t matter so much!

More models coming eventually!

As always, thanks for reading!

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