My Fledgeling 1:400 scale model collection

So recently I’ve started collecting 1:400 scale die-cast model aircraft, and I thought I might as well do a small post to show them as I’ve been quiet for a while with exams and such. So, Without further ado, here are the models I have so far (I have more coming hopefully tomorrow, I’ll make a post about those as soon as they arrive)!

British Airways

Airbus A380-800

British Airways - A380 -  G-XLBB - Front

British Airways - A380 -  G-XLBB - Rear

Boeing 737-400

British Airways - B734 - G-GBTA - Front

British Airways - B734 - G-GBTA - Rear

Boeing 747-400

British Airways - B744 - G-CIVY - Front

British Airways - B744 - G-CIVY - Rear


Airbus A330-200

Delta - A332 - N857NW - Front

Delta - A332 - N857NW - Rear


Airbus A319

Iberia - A319 - EC-KKS - Front

Iberia - A319 - EC-KKS - Rear

And of course, There has to be a shot of them all together. Hopefully that gap in the back will be filled tomorrow!

If you’re interested in the hobby, take a look at stores such as and also at one of the many die-cast aircraft forums; The one I usually visit is the Scale Aircraft Forum!

Safe flying,

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