Where I’ve Been + AirlineSim Report #1

Hello again!

Last time I posted here I had just finished my first solo, over a month ago. Since then, I’ve been on holiday to Iceland (On which I intended to post a trip report, which will appear in time; I haven’t collected all the images and videos I need/want yet), soloed once more (which was brilliant), and done a tonne of revision. However, I have still been able to do a few things in my spare time, and I have lots of plans for when my workload drops down quite a bit, in a few weeks time – so watch this space (as if I’m not cheesy enough already). Oh, and those of you who keep washing up here as Google seems to suggest that I provide many KSP rover designs, I will release one eventually! Check back later to get it.
Anyway, now I have a bit more on AirlineSim, something I plan on making a regular feature.

AirlineSim Report #1
Jetto Airlines

Now, you may remember that I did an AirlineSim review a while ago, and also created some liveries for Jetto Airlines, my first airline. Well, I’ve learned a lot since doing that quick look and have become more addicted than ever! I also started again when it became too difficult to fix the disastrous decisions I made while learning.

Therefore, the ‘new’ Jetto Airlines (JTO) on the Croydon Server is much, much better than ‘old’ Jetto. I now have two profitable hubs, in Belfast and Jersey, with a fleet of 7 Saab 340s which are very profitable and were very cheap. Jetto has been consistently profitable for the last 3 weeks, and although those profits have been diminishing, restructuring can be to blame which will, hopefully, mean that the next weeks will be Jetto Airlines’ most profitable yet, more so as Jetto has a new Interlining deal with Air Phil, a very established airline based in Liverpool.


Current cash:   $3,781,422
Current value:  $9,134,825
Fleet:                  Saab 340 – 5 Owned, 2 Leased

Cape Verde Air – *UNSUSTAINABLE*

Sadly, the Cape Verde islands were not as busy a hub as hoped, and so CVA is now liquidated.

Cape Verde Air (CVA) is a brand-new airline I created last night after noticing a promising market as the national carrier of the Cape Verde Islands. With a hub in Sal, the largest airport in Cape Verde, CVA serves domestic routes to Sal with Bombardier Q400s (carefully planned to make transfers onwards to other destinations very easy), as well as international routes to Western Africa, operated mainly by Sukhoi Superjets. Hopefully in the second installment of the AirlineSim report there will be plenty of good news to hear from this airline, but for now here is an example of the CVA livery on Sukhoi Superjet D4-AAH, “Cape Verde”. Click on the image to see examples of the livery on each different model of aircraft in the fleet!


Current cash:   $05,446,544
Current value:  $10,000,000
Fleet:                  Bombardier Q400A……2 Leased
.                           Sukhoi Superjet…………2 leased


SardiniAir is another brand-new airline I created to take advantage of the busy Mediterranean low-cost market. Based in Cagliari, Tunisia, it is perfectly located to serve Europe and North Africa using a modern fleet of Sukhoi Superjets. These are supplemented with a smaller fleet of Bombardier Dash-8s for shorter, thinner routes within Sardinia and Corsica.SardiniAir is owned by Sardinian Holdings, in my first attempts at using a subsidiary as opposed to a holding company; This could allow for a possible IPO at a later date.
Below is Sardiniair’s livery on their third Sukhoi Superjet, I-AAHA “Tre”.


Current cash:   $03,501,582
Current value:  $09,000,000
Fleet:                  Bombardier Q400A……2 Leased
.                           Sukhoi Superjet…………3 leased

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