More models!

So then, the latest two models arrived just in time for me to take a quick snap before heading off on “holiday” in sunny North Yorkshire… fun.

Still, here are my two newest models, both brand-new, pre-ordered Geminis.

Boeing 777-300ER – British Airways

I adore this model; It has fast become one of my favourites (not that I have many models in the first place!). This thing is lovely, my only gripes being that the main gear doesn’t rotate, unlike the DAL A330 I own, and that it doesn’t have quite the wonderful detailing of the Qatar 787 shown below.

Boeing B787-8 – Qatar

I really like this model too! The detailing is the best out of all the Gemini Jets models I own, as it has aerials which I didn’t think Gemini ever did on their 1:400 models! I was surprised at how white the wings were though; I’m not sure if this is a slight error by the manufacturer or whether 787s really do have wings like that!

And, of course, here is my full collection as it stands for now!

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