Models, Airlinesim and all sorts update!

I know, I’ve been gone a few months, sadly schoolwork has got the better of me recently and I’ve had very little time! I do have a few plans for later, including detailed model reviews, the return of the AirlineSim report, X-Plane business, and plenty more!

First off though, here’s some stuff that I’ve been getting up to recently.

Since August, I’ve acquired a rather large number of new models since I last posted. Here they all are!

Aeroflot – Airbus A319 – Phoenix



Aeroflot – MD11F – Gemini



Aeromexico – B763 – Gemini



ANA – B788 – JC Wings



Austrian – Bombardier Q400 – Gemini



OpenSkies – B752 – Gemini



British Airways – B788 – Gemini



British Airways – Hawker-Siddely Trident – Gemini



British Caledonian – BAC 1-11 – Gemini



Jetstar – B788 – Gemini



Eurowings – BAe146 – Gemini



Lufthansa – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



Malev (OneWorld) – B738 – Phoenix



Qatar – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



Swiss – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



USAF – B752 – Gemini



Wizz (Hungary) – Airbus A320 – Phoenix



Along with all of these new models, I re-photographed all aircraft in my collection so I had more uniform, higher-quality shots. The full album of these can be seen here:


Secondly, I have also continued to play AirlineSim for a while now, and Bahrain World International has continued to do extremely well, with a fleet of 9 aircraft, 19 destinations served, and weekly profits above $500,000. I will be writing a full report soon.

Also on its way is a quick review of the JARDesign A320NEO for X-Plane, as well as model reviews and possibly more long posts on past aircraft that never quite made it!

See you soon, and safe flying!

AirlineSim Report #2

Here we are with the second AirlineSim Report. They will be published every fortnight for now as things are very slow at the start of these games. Therefore, the next one should be published on the 11th of July.

Jetto Airlines

Jetto is still struggling with very low profit margins, with losses very possible if there are any cancellations, lay-offs  or problems. However, Jetto has been taking measures to take up more of a low-cost airline format, and this will hopefully improve operations. They are also upgrading the fleet to Bombardier Q400s to reduce costs and improve profits, while increasing available seats.


Start value: $4,000,000

Current  total value:…………………..$3,583,461
Current cash:…………………………..$1,913,855
Current value without cash:…………$1,669,606

Profits at week-end closing:…..……..$-0,053,698
Profits last week-end closing:………..$+0,004,994

Fleet:………….…..Dornier 328 – 6 Leased / 6 Total
…….Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 – 1 Leased / 1 Total


SardiniAir is continuing to do very well, with constant profits and a margin of about 8%. This means that fairs on popular routes have increased in the hope of further optimising profit margins. SardiniAir has also welcomed a CRJ-200 into the fleet and will eventually transition to an all-CRJ fleet like Bahrain World International, beginning with the replacement of the older Dornier aircraft.


Start value: $5,000,000

Current  total value:……………………..$5,040,738
Current cash:………………………….….$0,998,013
Current value without cash:………….…$4,042,725

Profits at week-end closing:……………..$+0,123,071
Profits last week-end closing:……………$+0,157,495

Fleet:………………..Dornier 328 – 4 Leased / 4 Total
………………….Sukhoi Superjet – 2 Leased / 2 Total
……………….Bombardier CRJ-200 – 1 Leased / 1 Total (To replace Dornier 328)

Bahrain World International

Bahrain World International is now ‘established’ and is no longer just an experiment. The fleet has changed slightly as it was re-started after the last post, but this is not particularly a bad thing. Although operating an all-CRJ fleet is limiting on the number of passengers carried and on profits when compared to the A321 from the old experimental version of BWI, it allows for greater flexibility within the fleet and its shorter range allows me to concentrate on more local routes to improve feed.
One of the most important things BWI is seeing is that every route has a 100% load factor! This means profits will be good, and prices have increased to make use of the increased demand. I will also order another CRJ700 to add more routes to the West of Bahrain as few exist in that direction currently.


Start value: $9,500,000

Current  total value:……………………..$9,482,443
Current cash:……………………..……….$3,391,387
Current value without cash:……….……$6,091,056

Profits at week-end closing:……………..$-0,017,557
Profits last week-end closing:……………$±N/A

Fleet:…………..Bombardier CRJ-700 – 2 Leased / 2 Total
…………………Bombardier CRJ-1000 – 2 Leased / 2 Total

AirlineSim Report #1 (Redux!)

Right then, let’s start things properly this time!

Jetto Airlines

After having been restarted to allow for me to have two subsidiaries under one holding company, Jetto airlines has been struggling, suffering from low load factors and poorly set ticket prices. However, although this week has seen the worst losses on record, the next week should be the best week yet for Jetto Airlines, with load factors getting to around 92%, much higher than the 85% load factors of the last few weeks; a lot of this is thanks to the cutting of unprofitable or unpopular routes. Jetto has also corrected prices, so now all routes are at least slightly profitable.
Jetto has never expected high profit margins as increasing prices would not make them competitive, and the decision to use older (but cheaper) aircraft means that maintenance costs are higher.


Start value: $4,000,000

Current  total value:……………………..$3,622,860
Current cash:……………………………….$2,755,538
Current value without cash:…………$0,867,322

Profits at week-end closing:………..$-0,085,091
Profits last week-end closing:……..$-0,073,740

Fleet:…………..Dornier 328 – 7 Leased/ 7 Total



SardiniAir is clearly doing much better than Jetto Airlines, having just had its first profitable week, and having had very minimal losses overall since foundation. However, because restructuring is still taking place, profits are also currently minimal as large amounts of them go to compensating passengers of cancelled flights; around $20,000 per month currently, though hopefully in the next few weeks this number will decrease or disappear.
SardiniAir has also joined Euralliance, a small alliance, and is currently very happy there.


Start value: $5,000,000

Current  total value:……………………..$4,584,745
Current cash:……………………………….$1,210,471
Current value without cash:…………$3,374,274

Profits at week-end closing:………..$+0,003,422
Profits last week-end closing:……..$-0,011,165

Fleet:…………..Dornier 328 – 5 Leased/ 5 Total
……………..Sukhoi Superjet – 2 Leased / 2 Total


Bahrain World International

Bahrain World International is the Bahraini Flag Carrier, and has just started a secondary experimental phase after a primary experiment showed the possibility of good profits and load factors on some routes.


Start value: $9,000,000

Current  total value:……………………..$9,000,000
Current cash:……………………………….$2,256,850
Current value without cash:…………$6,743,150

Profits at week-end closing:………..$±N/A
Profits last week-end closing:……..$±N/A

Fleet:…………..Bombardier CRJ-700 – 1 Leased / 1 Total (Replacing CRJ-900)
…………………..Bombardier CRJ-900 – 2 Leased / 2 Total (To be phased out for the CRJ-700)
……………………………….Airbus A321 – 2 Leased / 2 Total

Where I’ve Been + AirlineSim Report #1

Hello again!

Last time I posted here I had just finished my first solo, over a month ago. Since then, I’ve been on holiday to Iceland (On which I intended to post a trip report, which will appear in time; I haven’t collected all the images and videos I need/want yet), soloed once more (which was brilliant), and done a tonne of revision. However, I have still been able to do a few things in my spare time, and I have lots of plans for when my workload drops down quite a bit, in a few weeks time – so watch this space (as if I’m not cheesy enough already). Oh, and those of you who keep washing up here as Google seems to suggest that I provide many KSP rover designs, I will release one eventually! Check back later to get it.
Anyway, now I have a bit more on AirlineSim, something I plan on making a regular feature.

AirlineSim Report #1
Jetto Airlines

Now, you may remember that I did an AirlineSim review a while ago, and also created some liveries for Jetto Airlines, my first airline. Well, I’ve learned a lot since doing that quick look and have become more addicted than ever! I also started again when it became too difficult to fix the disastrous decisions I made while learning.

Therefore, the ‘new’ Jetto Airlines (JTO) on the Croydon Server is much, much better than ‘old’ Jetto. I now have two profitable hubs, in Belfast and Jersey, with a fleet of 7 Saab 340s which are very profitable and were very cheap. Jetto has been consistently profitable for the last 3 weeks, and although those profits have been diminishing, restructuring can be to blame which will, hopefully, mean that the next weeks will be Jetto Airlines’ most profitable yet, more so as Jetto has a new Interlining deal with Air Phil, a very established airline based in Liverpool.


Current cash:   $3,781,422
Current value:  $9,134,825
Fleet:                  Saab 340 – 5 Owned, 2 Leased

Cape Verde Air – *UNSUSTAINABLE*

Sadly, the Cape Verde islands were not as busy a hub as hoped, and so CVA is now liquidated.

Cape Verde Air (CVA) is a brand-new airline I created last night after noticing a promising market as the national carrier of the Cape Verde Islands. With a hub in Sal, the largest airport in Cape Verde, CVA serves domestic routes to Sal with Bombardier Q400s (carefully planned to make transfers onwards to other destinations very easy), as well as international routes to Western Africa, operated mainly by Sukhoi Superjets. Hopefully in the second installment of the AirlineSim report there will be plenty of good news to hear from this airline, but for now here is an example of the CVA livery on Sukhoi Superjet D4-AAH, “Cape Verde”. Click on the image to see examples of the livery on each different model of aircraft in the fleet!


Current cash:   $05,446,544
Current value:  $10,000,000
Fleet:                  Bombardier Q400A……2 Leased
.                           Sukhoi Superjet…………2 leased


SardiniAir is another brand-new airline I created to take advantage of the busy Mediterranean low-cost market. Based in Cagliari, Tunisia, it is perfectly located to serve Europe and North Africa using a modern fleet of Sukhoi Superjets. These are supplemented with a smaller fleet of Bombardier Dash-8s for shorter, thinner routes within Sardinia and Corsica.SardiniAir is owned by Sardinian Holdings, in my first attempts at using a subsidiary as opposed to a holding company; This could allow for a possible IPO at a later date.
Below is Sardiniair’s livery on their third Sukhoi Superjet, I-AAHA “Tre”.


Current cash:   $03,501,582
Current value:  $09,000,000
Fleet:                  Bombardier Q400A……2 Leased
.                           Sukhoi Superjet…………3 leased

Livery Designs

Since I’ve rather been enjoying AirlineSim (Which I looked at HERE), and was rather missing the good old days of making liveries for X-Plane, I thought I’d have a crack at designing the livery of my fictional airline ‘Jetto Airways’ (What else would it be called?). After designing it for the single aircraft type I have in AirlineSim currently (the ERJ-140ER), I realised it was a very quick and easy process; so of course I made a big batch of them to see how it would look on a variety of aircraft!






B737-800 (Winglets)





So that’s all I’ve made so far. I do plan on adding more so I’ll keep updating this album with them as I complete new liveries, and I may create a new blog post on this subject if I create enough.
Personally, I think this livery works best on aircraft which have shorter ratios of hull height to length, simply because of the ‘billboard-style’ logo which takes up lots of vertical room. I’m also quite pleased with the soft, metallic greys of the fuselage; originally I was planning on having it white but it was too boring! The only part of my new livery that I’m not so sure about is the tail. Any ideas for what I could put on there?

For now however, Safe flying!

A quick look at AirlineSim

So I recently discovered a neat little airline management game called AirlineSim. I’ve always loved games like this, even though I am admittedly awful; never get me to run a business! Anyway, I thought I’d do a little (hah, yeah right) blog post to show off the game.

Obviously, the first thing to do in an airline management game is to get hold of some ‘planes. The list of aircraft you can choose from is wonderful, and so there is no problem there! Below is the list of types available in the ‘Idlewild’ gameworld, although I am aware of there being slight differences in the aircraft offered depending on which gameworld is joined. For most of these aircraft types there are at least 2 different models, each with different characteristics.

Airbus Industrie
A300 | A310 | A318 / A319 | A320 / A321 | A330 | A340 | A380
AN-38 | AN-72 / AN-74 | AN-124 | AN140 | AN148
Xian Y-7
Avions Transport Regional – ATR
ATR 42 | ATR 72
BAE Systems – British Aerospace
Jetstream 31/32 | Jetstream 41 | Avro RJ70/85/100
717 | 737-300/400/500 | 737-600/700/800/900 | 747-400 | 747-8 | 757-200/300 | 767-200/300/400 | 777-200/300 | 787
Dash 8 | Canadair Regional Jets
Islander / Trislander
208 Caravan
EMB 120 | ERJ 135/140/145 | EMB 170/175/190/195
Metro III / Metro 23
Fairchild Dornier
Do 228 | Do 328 / Do328JET
F50 | F70/100
IL-114 | IL-76 | IL-86 / IL-96
McDonnell Douglas
MD-80 | MD-90 | MD-11
1900 Airliner
340 / 2000
TU-154 | TU-204/214

Since trawling through a long list of aircraft can be difficult, especially when trying to decide on which aircraft is best for your needs, there are, of course, several different comparison tools available. The most simple, below, simply compares specifications in a neat, simple table.

I just compared some CRJ-XXXERs as an example

Along with this, you can also compare the profitability of different aircraft along a route, as displayed below:

I just realised I could have had better aircraft than my E145, but they had more seats than I wanted

Alternatively, you may just want to look at a single aircraft model’s page, which will look a bit like this:

Buying aircraft is a pretty interesting experience. There are quite a few options available; You can buy a new aircraft in its entirety, you can buy it with a loan from a bank, or you can lease it from a leasing company; alternatively, you can get a used aircraft with the same options.

Once you have a fleet building up (probably only one or two aircraft at first), it is a good idea to start preparing to make timetabling arrangements. Since these cannot be done until an aircraft has been manufactured (which usually takes a few hours for small aircraft), the only option is to open offices, which allow you to make routes to airports you have an office in.
I may as well show a list of some of the offices I have. There are so many since my business strategy is to fly lots of places, infrequently.

Eventually, however, you will be able to build up timetables like the one below:

Having done this, provided everything is set up correctly (there are many things I haven’t mentioned for brevity’s sake), it is a matter of checking every once in a while to ensure everything is going smoothly, with people booking flights with your airline, like they are here:

Ok so these are just my busiest flights. Must hide how awful I really am!

I love the fact that I can simply create myself a realistic airline and compete against other people’s airlines from around the globe. I also had an excuse to use my pile of Jetto logos somewhere other than my website, which was nice. Maybe I’ll design a livery (not for X-Plane) for Jetto Airlines next, since I’m sad and appear to e overly attached to my fictional fledgeling airline. Anyway, I’m running off topic, so here is a small snapshot of my route network, if anyone is interested!

AirlineSim can be played here, there is an (approximate) 2-week trial period before you need to purchase more credits to continue playing. Fortunately, they’re dirt cheap, with 100 credits costing £3; enough to last about 1 month.

P.S. You can view the information page for either of my airlines from different worlds just by clicking the signatures at the bottom!

Jetto Airlines