My Newest Model Arrivals!

Here are my latest arrivals, sorry for the late (and rather poor-quality) images!
I’m just biding time since my new computer should arrive in under 3 hours!
Air Berlin B737-800
I’ve been wanting this for a while, and I’m very glad I got it; AB have a brilliant livery in my opinion!

Air France CRJ700
Another model I’ve wanted for a while, though the only criteria were that it had to be a European CRJ of some sort. This one is lovely, shame it doesn’t have much time left as a combination, all AF’s regional aircraft are being painted in the Hop! colours.

Cubana IL-96
I really like the IL-96, and in Cubana’s livery it looks brilliant! This model is better than I expected too, with the antenna above the cockpit included.

Aeroflot TU-144
A cool, quirky copy of the Concorde here. The weird aspects of this were modeled quite well, and it is interesting to compare the two side-by-side; This aircraft is noticeably bigger! Not fitting with the theme of my collection, which requires aircraft that would feasibly fly to the UK which have flown within the last 10 years, but it is a nice “museum piece”!

Polish Air Force TU-154
It was only after I got this model that I realised it is the sister-ship to the one that killed the polish president several years. Quite sad, but as far as I know this is still a real plane and fits into my collection as it could be bringing Polish politicians to the UK.

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