Development update – OTHH – Hamad International Airport

Just a quick post to show I’m still working on things! Right now, those things are Hamad International Airport, the huge new airport currently being finished in Qatar. This is a conversion of Chris B.’s excellent FSX scenery, with some modifications to bring it up to scratch with X-Plane – in a somewhat similar vein to my Doncaster/Sheffield scenery from years ago.

First up, I created some Qatar static aircraft very quickly, with the help of beber’s static aircraft from XPFR. These make great additions though I wish there was a B777 and an A330! Obviously some are fictional combinations but these may still have a use.

Here are some shots of some of the area as it stands right now. Note the over-abundance of static aircraft; this is merely to ensure that parking positions for aircraft are correct.

Cargo terminal:

What I can only assume is the Royal Terminal:

There’s still lots of work still to be done of course, but so far I’m really liking how this is going!

Safe flying!

19 thoughts on “Development update – OTHH – Hamad International Airport

    1. Hi Henrik,

      If using Overlay Editor, find the lib/g10 set of objects, and scroll down. eventually you’ll find terrain textures, just pick one you need!

  1. I don’t think there is by default, if I remember correctly the ILS is edited elsewhere in X-Plane and can be quite fiddly to do. Perhaps we will see it one day though!

    1. Ok I will try to contact the development for that in x plane and see if it could come in for the next update because the airport are now in use I work with qatar airways here at ESSA and whey start to fly on the new airport the 28may

  2. I have write to the develompent and hope for an answer it would be realy nice if they come up with the ILS soon

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