Livery Designs

Since I’ve rather been enjoying AirlineSim (Which I looked at HERE), and was rather missing the good old days of making liveries for X-Plane, I thought I’d have a crack at designing the livery of my fictional airline ‘Jetto Airways’ (What else would it be called?). After designing it for the single aircraft type I have in AirlineSim currently (the ERJ-140ER), I realised it was a very quick and easy process; so of course I made a big batch of them to see how it would look on a variety of aircraft!






B737-800 (Winglets)





So that’s all I’ve made so far. I do plan on adding more so I’ll keep updating this album with them as I complete new liveries, and I may create a new blog post on this subject if I create enough.
Personally, I think this livery works best on aircraft which have shorter ratios of hull height to length, simply because of the ‘billboard-style’ logo which takes up lots of vertical room. I’m also quite pleased with the soft, metallic greys of the fuselage; originally I was planning on having it white but it was too boring! The only part of my new livery that I’m not so sure about is the tail. Any ideas for what I could put on there?

For now however, Safe flying!

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