A quick look at AirlineSim

So I recently discovered a neat little airline management game called AirlineSim. I’ve always loved games like this, even though I am admittedly awful; never get me to run a business! Anyway, I thought I’d do a little (hah, yeah right) blog post to show off the game.

Obviously, the first thing to do in an airline management game is to get hold of some ‘planes. The list of aircraft you can choose from is wonderful, and so there is no problem there! Below is the list of types available in the ‘Idlewild’ gameworld, although I am aware of there being slight differences in the aircraft offered depending on which gameworld is joined. For most of these aircraft types there are at least 2 different models, each with different characteristics.

Airbus Industrie
A300 | A310 | A318 / A319 | A320 / A321 | A330 | A340 | A380
AN-38 | AN-72 / AN-74 | AN-124 | AN140 | AN148
Xian Y-7
Avions Transport Regional – ATR
ATR 42 | ATR 72
BAE Systems – British Aerospace
Jetstream 31/32 | Jetstream 41 | Avro RJ70/85/100
717 | 737-300/400/500 | 737-600/700/800/900 | 747-400 | 747-8 | 757-200/300 | 767-200/300/400 | 777-200/300 | 787
Dash 8 | Canadair Regional Jets
Islander / Trislander
208 Caravan
EMB 120 | ERJ 135/140/145 | EMB 170/175/190/195
Metro III / Metro 23
Fairchild Dornier
Do 228 | Do 328 / Do328JET
F50 | F70/100
IL-114 | IL-76 | IL-86 / IL-96
McDonnell Douglas
MD-80 | MD-90 | MD-11
1900 Airliner
340 / 2000
TU-154 | TU-204/214

Since trawling through a long list of aircraft can be difficult, especially when trying to decide on which aircraft is best for your needs, there are, of course, several different comparison tools available. The most simple, below, simply compares specifications in a neat, simple table.

I just compared some CRJ-XXXERs as an example

Along with this, you can also compare the profitability of different aircraft along a route, as displayed below:

I just realised I could have had better aircraft than my E145, but they had more seats than I wanted

Alternatively, you may just want to look at a single aircraft model’s page, which will look a bit like this:

Buying aircraft is a pretty interesting experience. There are quite a few options available; You can buy a new aircraft in its entirety, you can buy it with a loan from a bank, or you can lease it from a leasing company; alternatively, you can get a used aircraft with the same options.

Once you have a fleet building up (probably only one or two aircraft at first), it is a good idea to start preparing to make timetabling arrangements. Since these cannot be done until an aircraft has been manufactured (which usually takes a few hours for small aircraft), the only option is to open offices, which allow you to make routes to airports you have an office in.
I may as well show a list of some of the offices I have. There are so many since my business strategy is to fly lots of places, infrequently.

Eventually, however, you will be able to build up timetables like the one below:

Having done this, provided everything is set up correctly (there are many things I haven’t mentioned for brevity’s sake), it is a matter of checking every once in a while to ensure everything is going smoothly, with people booking flights with your airline, like they are here:

Ok so these are just my busiest flights. Must hide how awful I really am!

I love the fact that I can simply create myself a realistic airline and compete against other people’s airlines from around the globe. I also had an excuse to use my pile of Jetto logos somewhere other than my website, which was nice. Maybe I’ll design a livery (not for X-Plane) for Jetto Airlines next, since I’m sad and appear to e overly attached to my fictional fledgeling airline. Anyway, I’m running off topic, so here is a small snapshot of my route network, if anyone is interested!

AirlineSim can be played here, there is an (approximate) 2-week trial period before you need to purchase more credits to continue playing. Fortunately, they’re dirt cheap, with 100 credits costing £3; enough to last about 1 month.

P.S. You can view the information page for either of my airlines from different worlds just by clicking the signatures at the bottom!

Jetto Airlines

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