A very large shipment of models!

It has been a while since I got an arrival of models but I just received my biggest shipment yet, so here they are! I’ll do a proper review of some of these later at http://www.aviationdelightforum.com/ however I don’t know if they’ll be worth posting here.

Air New Zealand A320 (Sharklets)
This is my first model which is completely outside of my normal collection criteria. I really wanted an A320 with Sharklets though and liked the ANZ one the best. A very nice model it is too, with all the antennae you want!

Fiji Airways A330-200
I loved this livery since I first saw it, Obviously I had to get it in model form! Again very nice and with lots of antennae, Phoenix seem to be putting these on more and more new models and it really makes them look good.

SriLankan A340-300
Again, another very fine model. These A340s are great, I have good memories of sitting on a beach in Sri Lanka with these things roaring overhead.

Qantas A380
My best flight ever was on this aircraft. This model, by Witty, probably isn’t the best I’ve had but is pretty good still. I’ll definitely do a proper review of this!

KLM B737-700
The blue colour of the hull seems a bit dark to me. What do you think?

Singapore B777-200
I liked the look of this model, it is pretty nice but the very end of the tail was chipped, as can be seen in the bottom image. not sure if it is worth complaining about as it is obviously a manufacturing defect.

British Airways B777-200
This just about sorts out my BA widebody fleet that is easily attained – All I need now is a 767 and a 787. Anyone willing to sell one?

On a slightly unrelated note, I also got a new mouse mat since my old one was a bit… old! I chose this Boeing one, it is quite plastic and provides less resistance than my old one but I still quite like it.

I’ve also taken a few collection shots since I haven’t done so for a good while. I barely have any room on my shelves! Tempted to get another shelf or to replace my current ones with even bigger ones. My current ones could do with a replacement anyway.

An Overview of the Worldwide collection:

A better view. I try and keep these aircraft as ones that would realistically fly in to somewhere in the UK. I think the only exception is the ANZ A320 but the CO 757 may also be an odd one.

Next to these, the ‘Russian corner’, for soviet-age aircraft that don’t entirely fit my collection but look great anyway!

Up on my top shelf, I have all my British aircraft. Firstly, my nice collection of BA Aircraft. The 777s take up so much space! I still want a BA 767 and 787 for the wide-body collection, and the A318/19/20/21 in normal colours would be nice. They haven’t cropped up for a while though

And finally, the miscellaneous UK collection. Pretty much just Virgin right now, on my ‘want’ list for this is a Monarch A320, Thomson 787, and possibly some sort of Easyjet if one ever crops up again (ebay ones are TOO MUCH!). Narrowbodies are more important in filling this up since they’ll actually fit on my shelf.

Thanks for reading!

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