A Surprise Arrival!

Well, my Virgin A346 turned up yesterday, entirely out of the blue; I was expecting it on Wednesday. I would have appreciated being notified when it was dispatched, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Without further ado, here it is (and once again, sorry for the poor photography skills I possess!):

This is yet another great model from Gemini, and it will be interesting to at least partially compare it to Phoenix’s A333, which should arrive Thursday. I do love the A340, it is even longer than I imagined but still very pretty! Another plus is that this is the first model I have of an aircraft I’ve actually been on; I flew aboard her on the return journey from LAX to Heathrow, although at the time (and still today, interestingly enough, making this a semi-fantasy model) she was painted in the old, pre-2007 livery.

I’m glad to be getting a decent collection now, but my shelves are really filling up fast…

This next week is looking like it will be an exciting one for my collection! I should have a Virgin Atlantic B744 (courtesy of Jetboy) arriving on Wednesday, and hopefully this week there will also be appearances from a Virgin A333 and a United/Continental B753 (Which was forgotten by United management and so is still in CO colours… Not that I mind, I flew on something similar, if not that very aircraft, to NY a few years back).

I’ll post pictures here and to the scale aircraft forum as soon as they arrive!

On another note, I shall be doing AirlineSim updates on a Thursday now, since the financial week for the Jetto Group, my main set of airlines, starts late on Wednesday evening.

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