0.18 Release + KerbalKon Summary

So Last night (UK time), Kerbal Space Program version 0.18 was released!
From what I’ve played so far, the quality of this update has been superb, and it means that Jetto is back in business!

I’ll release more once I’ve played more!


As mentioned, 0.18 was released during KerbalKon, of which there were several things to note:

  • Kerbal SpacePort was announced! This handy site is an official mod repository, and looks very, very stylish!
  • The Kerbalizer was released! This is a fun tool which allows you to create your own kerbal avatar! You can get both a free version and a paid one, the latter of which allows many more customization options!
  • Squad have hinted at merchandising, showing off some awesome model Kerbals!
  • The development team showed us images of resource mining, clouds, and jetpacks!

Loads more awesome things happened there too, but you have to watch the whole thing on Twitch.tv to see them!


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