New KSP Creation! Dover The Rover Mk.II

I know I’ve been away from KSP for a little bit, but since a lot of people seem to be finding their way here looking for a nice KSP rover, I thought I’d give them one. Finally.

Dover is your friendly little rover for Kerbin or planetary discovery. If you can get him to stay on a rocket.
Delivered in only 12 parts for easy assembly (I’m joking, it’s ready built… This isn’t IKEA!)


Kerbal Space Program for steam released!

Kerbal Space Program has just been released on steam for OSX, Windows and Linux! It is currently £18.99 as part of the Steam Early Access program, and is available here for those too lazy to scroll down.

Here is the official forum post about it:


Very good news today! After many months of preparation, KSP is now available on Steam!

We’re very fortunate also in that we’re one of the very first games to be released as a Steam Early Access title. We’ve been working closely with Valve recently to make sure the release went as smoothly as possible, and their new Early Access category is just perfect for us. We’re all very happy here!

So, I think we should probably have a little Q&A here, to clear up what will likely be the most frequent questions:

Q: If I’ve already bought the game on the KSP Store, can I switch over to Steam?
A: The answer to that is Yes, but not right now. We are going to set up a system on our store where you’ll be able to get a Steam key for KSP provided you already have purchased the game. However, we are still working on the exact details of this feature, so it’ll likely be a while until that’s set up. We’ll of course let you know when that becomes available.

Q: What platforms are supported on the Steam version?
A: KSP is available on Steam for all three platforms (Win, Mac and Linux), and the Demo is also available on all of them as well.

Q: What is this Early Access thing you speak of?
I think Valve can explain it better than we can.

Q: Is this in any way related to the 0.19 update being smaller than usual?
A: You’ve probably figured out already this is one of the main reasons we cut the 0.19 update short. We wanted KSP to look its best for the release, so we decided to get the reentry fx, animations and all the other features out in time for it. The shorter update cycle worked out nicely for us though, so we’ll try to maintain that flow for future releases as much as possible. The patcher should also be ready by then.

Q: Speaking of patcher then, how does that work with Steam?
A: Steam has its own update system, so for the steam version of the game, we’ve turned off all version-tracking features in KSP. The Steam version will update automatically when we publish new builds, so it all happens without the need of any external tools. The patcher will only be used for the KSP Store-bought version of the game.

A new animated short was also released to celebrate the occasion!

Anyway, that is all from me for now!
Safe flying,

Adventures in KSP 0.19

So then, 24 hours after 0.19  was released, here is a short series of images showing my first adventures; So far, re-entry, rovers and the new scenery is AMAZING!

First up, I had to take a peek at the re-entry. I used the MCC-1d (which can be found on this site) for my first run, as I designed the craft in part to look really cool while re-entering, without just being a single capsule. My design work, thankfully, paid off it seems!

Kerbals LOVE EVAs!
First up, while waiting to fall back to Kerbin I thought I may as well EVA out and take a look at the new facial animations. They’re pretty cool, so much better than the constantly-bored look we’re all used to!

Right then, back to business. Here we are skimming across the very upper reaches of the atmosphere, already pitched up for re-entry; no flames sighted yet.

The glow is by the (closed) solar panel, lost folks!
Is it just me or does anyone else see a faint red glow? Is it starting!?

Oh, yes it is! And it looks pretty good too…

I was so excited at this point.
Wow, this is awesome!

I’m really streaking back to Kerbin now.

This was about as bright as things got. The MCC-1d had definitely lived up to its expectations of being awesome at re-entry.

Only a few fiery wisps here
Next up, let’s try a quickly thrown-together spaceplane. Things were alright here, didn’t quite come in ‘hot’ enough to get particularly pronounced heat effects though 😦

Fortunately, things looked more exciting from below!

And finally, I had a play with a rover and looked at the new launch area.

I call it 'Dover The Rover'
My little test rover. I may have over-esimated the wheelbase of this fella’, but he has a funny face! I was quite excited about the new, giant radial battery, which I couldn’t remember having been mentioned before.

I had a little nosey around the new ‘pad. I like it a lot! Especially the grates to channel exhausts; looks much, much better than the old one. I do miss the old tower slightly, though not the horrible yellow thing at the top.

I liked the new ‘pad so much, I decided to look at my rover from another perspective; under the grille. Sadly, Kerbals can’t enter, but the camera has no problem moving right underneath.

Well then, That looks like everything from me today. I’ll be back soon with more interesting items from KSP, the internet and beyond, but for now, as always, safe flying!

KSP 0.19 released!

That was fast, and highly unexpected! KSP 0.19 adds (according to the original forum post):
* Linux Support:
There is now a native Linux version of KSP! Official support for Ubuntu 12.04, but it should work on most distributions.

* Atmospheric Effects:
Watch your spacecraft flare up as they re-enter the atmosphere, and produce vapor trails during high-speed flight.

* New Kerbal Animations:
The Kerbals got a massive overhaul on their facial expressions! The new Expressions system uses the new Mecanim animation engine from Unity, giving Kerbals a lot more expressiveness. Watch their faces distort in total panic or gleeful joy, now also when you’re out on EVA.

* Rover Wheels:
Drive across the surface of other worlds with the new rover wheel parts, which are steerable and self-powered. Construct anything from tiny unmanned rovers, to exploration buggies, to huge mobile contraptions.

* Graphical and Scenery Improvements
We’ve got a New Launchpad model at KSC, with 100% less launch tower, a new Runway, and much improved night-time lighting, making for greatly improved visuals, especially at night.

* More New Parts
We’ve added several new parts for general construction. Featuring panels, girders, and a lot more!


I’ll be adding some screenshots in a follow-up post tomorrow!

Safe flying,

Website Updates!

Hi there!

This is just a short post to say that I’ve finally gotten off my bum and finished adding download links, images and descriptions to every X-Plane livery! Now everything should be nice and easy to view and download. UPDATE: The X-Plane section is now complete for the moment! go check it out here!

Now everything is nearly done, here is a nice image of the SSKSS, which is also nearing completion!

Safe flying,

I’m Back!

Hello there!
After a rather dull January exams season, revision is finished with for the most part, and I can get back to doing what I enjoy most! So, to celebrate, I have released the first 0.18.2 ready Jetto craft, the MCC-1d! More information and download here. No mods necessary!

Since I now have a big chunk of time free, I will be continuing to fill in this site, so expect to see many of the empty pages that plague this site being filled up soon!

Safe flying,

0.18 Release + KerbalKon Summary

So Last night (UK time), Kerbal Space Program version 0.18 was released!
From what I’ve played so far, the quality of this update has been superb, and it means that Jetto is back in business!

I’ll release more once I’ve played more!


As mentioned, 0.18 was released during KerbalKon, of which there were several things to note:

  • Kerbal SpacePort was announced! This handy site is an official mod repository, and looks very, very stylish!
  • The Kerbalizer was released! This is a fun tool which allows you to create your own kerbal avatar! You can get both a free version and a paid one, the latter of which allows many more customization options!
  • Squad have hinted at merchandising, showing off some awesome model Kerbals!
  • The development team showed us images of resource mining, clouds, and jetpacks!

Loads more awesome things happened there too, but you have to watch the whole thing on to see them!


Kerbal Space Program 0.18 ‘Press releases’

So, The friendly devs of KSP have let 10 very lucky YouTubers create videos of 0.18 to greatly increase the hype (not that they really needed to!)

Here is my favourite:

StreetLampPro is one of my favourite creators of cinematic videos right now… go check his videos out!

(PS don’t tell the developers that I’m mentioning release dates, but I am 99% sure that by Saturday, 0.18 will have been released. of that 99, I’m split 45/45 on whether it comes out at the start or end of KerbalKon, otherwise it may just not be ready for release (the other 9%). Anyway, not long now!)