First Flying Lesson (Relevant Extract)

Ok, so I’m uploading this the day after my first full flying lesson, which was pretty cool! Didn’t have any photos this time, but here is a picture of various things I got (the tube is a Chart for Southern England)


While still on topic, I have started on making a Kenya Airways paint for the XPFW 737-300, after a hint from the Xplane10 blog! no screenshot-worthy progress on the actual paint as such yet, but I have a nice paintkit setup thanks to Audiotracker’s blank paint with new windows.
(I’ll add some images later today when I have something decent!)

Finally, I am STILL thinking of what to write as a review of Carenado’s C152! bear with me, I’ll put it up eventually, and maybe put in a review of The Photoscenery I bought recently 🙂

Well, That’s all for now folks! I’ll be back soon, but for now, happy flightings!

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